Leftovers Sprinkles

  • The bags you LOVE, now available as a food topper!

    Leftovers Sprinkles are made from the leftover product that doesn't get used for bagged products. Our goal is to use every single crumb we get from our Farm Partners!

    To use, sprinkle generously onto any meal to add extra nutrition and excitement!

    1. High value food topper for picky eaters!
    2. Great source of vitamins and minerals!
    3. The bags you love, now as a food topper!
    4. Helps us use every crumb (zero waste)!

    Use the variant buttons below to see what toppers are available. Inventory will always vary based on how much product is leftover after we create bags and samples!

    Ingredients: Each topper mirrors their bagged counterpart!
    Sourcing: The farm is listed on every bottle and will rotate based on availability. Check out our Farm Partners list!
    Size: avg around 5oz per bottle

    We are proud to work with small farms committed to raising animals free of added hormones, antibiotics, chemicals, and pesticides.

    *Price listed per item

  • Sourcing
    Everything we make is connected to family farms. When you purchase from Farm Hounds, you will always know the exact farm we worked with to make that product.

    We maintain the connection to the farm through the entire process by placing the farm name on every product.

    We choose to source from working farms which means animals may not mature on our timetable. At times, this means we do not have access to the products we want or need. However, we continue to identify small, true working farms that we can partner with to help minimize any shortages.

    Each topper mirrors their bagged counterpart. For more specific information regarding guaranteed analysis, see the identical bagged product here: Bagged Products