Pork Kidney

  • Pork Kidney is PACKED full of vitamins and minerals, and when sourced from 100% pasture-raised pork, these dehydrated treats are humanely raised to support regenerative agriculture.

    • Kidney treats are essential in fighting off kidney disease. It's simple: if an organ is struggling, you want your dog to eat more of that organ!
    • Pork kidneys are full of vitamins and minerals such as Riboflavin for disease fighting antibodies, Iron which helps fight anemia, and Folate for metabolic function.
    • Can be broken up or given whole for a yummy treat! 

    One single ingredient (sourced from one family farm!) to make every bag! With the power of dehydration, we offer your pups treats that are free of salt, sugars, fillers, chemicals, and preservatives. 

    Ingredients: Pork kidney

    Weight: 4oz
    Sourcing: 100% pasture-raised pork from Thompson Farms in Dixie, GA