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We do! We offer free shipping on all orders over $50! Our system calculates the total of your cart AFTER any discounts have been applied. So please make sure the value of your cart is $50+ AFTER you apply a discount code to receive free shipping.

We do not. As we grow, it's an area we get excited thinking about, but based on current restrictions and regulations to ship animal products outside the country, it isn't something we can take on at this time.

Farm Hounds 101

In 2016, our retail company, The Whole Dog Market, started making high quality treats sourced exclusively from White Oak Pastures under the line name ‘The Whole Dog Market.’ After the immediate success of The Whole Dog Market treats, we decided to get more serious, and rebranded our in-house treat line as Farm Hounds. Following the ideals of The Whole Dog Market, Farm Hounds Treats seamlessly continues the mission of sourcing premium, high quality proteins exclusively from White Oak Pastures. Same quality, same treats, just a different name! For more on that name change, check out Why Farm Hounds?

We recommend using the bag within 3 weeks of opening. You can refrigerate the product to help retain freshness, but all of our products are dehydrated to the level in which they become shelf stable for up to 6 months. When working with preservative- and pesticide-free ingredients, there is a rare chance for bugs or mold to be present. As uncommon as that is, our goal is for you to be 100% happy with your purchase. If you are ever dissatisfied with anything you received from us, please contact us for a replacement or a refund!

Because we source exclusively from small family farms, our inventory depends on their farming schedule. Our farm partners work off a production system that is good for the environment, their animals, and the consumers who also purchase their products. They utilize a multi-species rotational grazing practice, and slaughter on their own farm in their own abattoirs. Because of this system, not every animal is being raised and slaughtered year round. Some of our products are seasonal, and if they are out of stock, they will become available to us again when our farm partners have the inventory to supply us.

Our Recommendations

Yes! Our “Treats” are a great option for smaller dogs and dogs who might be missing teeth. They are scored and break easily into bite-sized pieces, and are packaged in resealable bags to keep the treats fresh in between sessions.

For a new puppy, we would recommend anything from our “Treats” line. Our Treats are scored so that they easily break into smaller pieces which are ideal for puppies and for training. Our “Treats” line includes 4 different proteins: Beef, Chicken, Duck, and Turkey. If you’re looking for a chew, we would recommend our Beef Tendon, Beef Trachea, or Small/Medium Beef Hide Roll, depending on the size of your puppy. These chews are long lasting and high reward, making them a great option for teething puppies!

For senior dogs, any of our bagged treats would be a good option. If your senior dog does not have many teeth, the “Treats” line would be a good option because they are soft and scored so break easily into smaller pieces. Our recommended chews for senior dogs would be any of our poultry necks, beef esophagus, beef trachea, and beef ears. These chews are softer than a lot of our other chews and can be enjoyed by most senior dogs.

We have some excellent treats that are good low fat options! Our Turkey Jerky has the lowest fat content at 3.3%. Our Chicken Jerky, Duck Jerky, and Turkey Gizzards are also great low fat options all containing a fat content of under 8%. You can always check the Guaranteed Analysis in the product description, which indicates how much fat, protein, and fiber each product contains.

The Beef Hide Roll is our most popular chew due to its durability. Our Rolls are hand-crafted in their natural form from beginning to end, giving them a more durable finish. They are sun-dried* and hand cut. As a long-lasting chew, they will not split, splinter, or break into small pieces. The longevity of our Beef Hide Rolls does depend on how heavy of a chewer your dog is, and how often you allow them to chew on the Roll. Most pups are able to get at least a few weeks use out of one Roll!

*Heated drying rooms can/will be used in the drying process when the weather doesn't cooperate, and/or high sales demand an increase of rolls to be produced.

Check out our sizing chart below. Different breeds can have different drives, so the info below is a great starting option. If you have additional questions about what size Beef Hide Roll your dog needs, please do not hesitate to reach out and ask!

Less than 15 lbs: Small Roll, Small Chip
15-30 lbs: Medium Roll, Medium Chip
30-45 lbs: Large Roll, Medium Chip
45-60 lbs: XL Roll, Large Chip
Over 60 lbs: Giant Roll, Large Chip

Chewing 101

Because every dog behaves differently, all chewing should be monitored at all time. When trying something new, start with shorter, supervised chew sessions to see how your pup will behave. Not all chews are created equal. Here at Farm Hounds, we provide only the highest quality chews that are healthy and cooked at low temps to be as safe as possible. But we always recommend that you always monitor your dog while they are chewing anything, and always provide fresh, clean water nearby.

Chewing is one of the most beneficial activities for a dog. With just 30 minutes of chewing, endorphins are released in a dog’s brain, allowing them to feel relaxed and accomplished. Not only is it a great physical exercise, it is an excellent mental exercise as well. Chewing is also great for cleaning teeth and gums, which in turn can help with bad breath. Not all chews are created the same, however. When a dog chews, they are putting moisture, friction, and heat into the object they are chewing, and because of this, it is extremely important to make sure you purchase chews like our Beef Hide Rolls which are free of chemicals, preservatives, antibiotics, and hormones.

Our Beef Hide Rolls and Chips are completely different, and are a safe and healthy chew for your dog. Many commercially-produced rawhide chews are bleached, baked, and cut up to be formed into shapes. This process strips the hide of its natural state, making it unrecognizable to the dog’s body and hard to digest. Our Beef Hide Rolls and Chips are sourced from our farm partner, White Oak Pastures, and are all natural, certified humane, and made from 100% pasture-raised beef. They are sun-dried and hand cut. Our Beef Hide Rolls make a great long lasting chew that’s great for dental health!

Some dogs have less chew drive than others depending on the breed and energy level of the dog. To help keep a dog focused on a chew, keep it out of reach when it is not being chewed on. Keeping a chew out of sight will allow your pup to be extra excited when it does become accessible. The next important tip is to intentionally limit chew time to around 30 minutes. This also encourages dogs to view the chew as a high value item. We have also heard of some customers spreading a small amount of peanut butter or coconut oil on the end of a chew to get their pups started.

Chewing is an important and beneficial activity for all ages! Chewing isn’t strictly defined by age as much as it is impulses and energy levels. Because every dog behaves differently, there is no set time to start your pup on a chewing adventure. Younger dogs typically don’t have the strength or drive to sit down and work on a hard chew. In most cases they will attempt something tough, find it to be not as fun, and go back to a softer item like a leather shoe or table leg because it is easier to breakdown/destroy. When trying something new, start with shorter, supervised chew sessions to see how your pup will behave. All chewing should be monitored at all time.

No! Because we source preservative/chemical-free hides, our beef hides are essentially odorless and do not become smellier as dogs chew on them.

Yes, our Rawhides are fully digestible. Unlike grocery store rawhides, our Rawhides are all-natural and long-lasting. Most dogs will be unable to break off and swallow pieces of our Rawhides, but if they do their bodies are able to digest it. Typical grocery store rawhides are so processed, the dogs body cannot identify and break down the product. Our Rawhides are different. Because they are completely natural and not highly processed, the body is able to recognize and fully digest it.

Since our Rawhides are completely all-natural, it is 100% normal for each one to have its own unique texture, color, and thickness. Our Rawhides are sourced exclusively from White Oak Pastures who raise their cows on free-range grass pastures. Every cow is different, and even the hide varies depending on what part of the body it comes from. Because of this, our Rawhides will all have a bit of a different look, but they are all of the same quality. If you ever receive a Rawhide you are not happy with, please reach out so we can take care of you!

While some dogs can consume some bone, it isn't for all dogs. There are always risks associated with feeding dehydrated bone. The larger/thicker the bone, the larger the risk. Factors such as, chewing style, jaw strength, and chewing patience, all play a roll in whether it's "safe" to feed products that contain bone. Our chews are dehydrated at a temperatures between 140-160 degrees. These temperatures tend to leave the bones brittle enough that a dog can easily chew/crush them up before consumption. Bones themselves are not strictly the concern, but more the possibility for sharp edges to be created when a bone is being chewed and/or broken down. We always recommend that you monitor your dog while they are chewing anything, and always provide fresh, clean water nearby.

The Trachea and Esophagus are both more of a crunchy, crumbly chew. Most pups do a good job of vacuuming up the crumbs as they’re finishing the chew. These chews don’t typically leave stains behind as they don’t contain dark colors like a marrow bone. However, we do recommend using caution with your dog’s chewing if you have a very lightly colored or very important piece of furniture.

Treats & Jerky

All jerky is not the same. Historically, a concern with jerky has been sourcing, as there have been situations with dogs becoming ill after consuming jerky sourced from overseas. We proudly source our jerky from White Oak Pastures, a certified humane farm located in south Georgia. Our jerky is pasture-raised, antibiotic free, pesticide free, and chemical free, so you can rest assured your dog is consuming only the best!

Our Jerky is priced higher because of our sourcing and quality standards. We source our jerky exclusively from White Oak Pastures, and we offer five varieties of Jerky: Beef, Chicken, Duck, Pork, and Turkey. All of these proteins come from certified humane, pasture-raised, antibiotic free, and hormone free animals. Our Jerky is 100% muscle meat, and is the same high quality meat White Oak Pastures sells for human consumption. When you buy grocery store jerky, you run the risk of feeding your dog jerky that contains fillers, antibiotics, or pesticides, and you may not be able to identify exactly where the product came from. When you buy Farm Hounds Jerky, you know you are getting premium, all-natural, and certified-humane Jerky sourced from right here in Georgia.

Organ meat is considered a superfood to a carnivore. They are packed with high levels of different vitamins and play a large role in getting dogs the nutrition they need to thrive. The organs we offer all have different functions, and some do have the primary role as a filter, but those organs don’t store the toxins, instead helping them pass out of the animal. Additionally, because we source from pasture-raised animals, the organ meat is of the cleanest and highest caliber. To learn more about the nutritional benefits of organ meat treats, each product page has a nutritional benefits tab with great information!