Regenerative Sticker

Our journey into pet treats has connected us to a larger story: through holistic land management, animals raised the right way can regenerate the earth!

For Earth Day we created a sticker to raise money for a great cause and to remind us that as the Farm Hounds community, we are supporting farmers who play a pivotal role in bringing life back to the soil, pulling carbon out of the air, and raising quality products that are healthy for us AND our 4-legged companions.

100% of the proceeds from this sticker will go directly to the Savory Institute. Their mission is to facilitate large-scale regeneration of the world’s grasslands and the livelihoods of their inhabitants.

Every sticker sold helps the Savory Institute influence roughly 17 acres of land! Click the Savory tab above to learn more.

Sticker Artist: @flannelrover
Images provided by @journey.pups

*this item will be a permanent item in our shop

Savory Institute is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, rated platinum by Guidestar, whose efforts are driven by the generous support of donors.

Whether you’re a conscious consumer, a forward-thinking business, or an organization that believes in holistic solutions, supporting the Savory Institute can make a huge difference towards regenerating grasslands across the globe!

On average, $30 allows the Savory Global Network to influence 100 acres of land as regional Hubs train farmers, ranchers, and pastoralist communities in their local context.

Fun Fact: One of our Farm Partners, White Oak Pastures, is a certified Savory Hub!

To learn more about the Savory Institute visit their website.

Regenerative Agriculture is a farming method that relies on nature, not harsh chemicals or disruptive practices like tilling. When practiced, Regenerative Agriculture offers a multitude of benefits for our farms, our environments, and our food. It builds soil health, enhances ecosystem diversity, and captures carbon and nitrogen from the atmosphere, among many other benefits.

For a deeper dive on Regenerative Agriculture, visit our blog post here.