Why Your Dog Needs to Sniff

Puppy Playing With Pig Ear

As important as it is to exercise, groom, socialize, and feed our dogs, they also need healthy amounts of mental stimulation that appease their natural instincts. 

A dog's nose is as important to them as our eyes are to us. In large part, our dogs see the world through scent, and allowing them to interact with their environment through their noses taps into an often-overlooked processing tool. Allowing them to experience the world through their nose, ensures they get the mental stimulation they need and are generally happier.



Scent games are a wonderful way of encouraging your dog to use their sniffing abilities. They can be played indoors or outdoors and are perfect for young puppies and old dogs. It will enhance their minds will giving them an opportunity to release some energy. In the end, you'll have a calm, content animal. 


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