Why Natural Treats Are So Much Better

Close-up of dog taking a treat from owner
Benefits of Natural Treats for Your Dog’s Health

Diet is very important for dogs because what they consume directly impacts their physical and mental health. Natural and organic treats add valuable wholesome nutrition, contribute to improved digestion and dental health, and increase overall longevity and quality of life for your dog.


The quality of all-natural, organic treats is unmatched when compared to treats that are mass-produced by larger companies focused on just making a profit. Next time you are shopping for natural treats, look at the ingredient list. You want treats that are free of fillers and only made up of a few ingredients, along with information regarding where ingredients are sourced from. Farm Hounds prides themselves on being the standard of what your dog should consume.

Our unique products are healthy for your dog, humane for our farm animals, and sustainable for the environment. As a company, we’re committed to making every possible effort to give the best quality products to our customers. This is why we source our products from suppliers who genuinely care for the health and wellbeing of all their animals. We want everyone to learn more about the positive changes we can create for pets and their owners when using pasture-raised products.

Next time you are shopping for natural treats, look at the ingredient list to see that it is free of fillers and only made up of a few ingredients, along with information regarding where ingredients are sourced from. Farm Hounds prides themselves on being

All-natural dog treats are a great way to keep your pet’s weight in check, as they are generally more filling, nutrient-dense, and free from carbs, sugars, and salts. This is because they don’t contain additives or any filler content that store-bought treats tend to have. Our pasture-raised beef organs, considered superfoods, are 2-4 times more nutritious than commercially raised products

Dogs need to chew! Treats, such as bones or meat chews, can help them get the mental and physical health benefits that come from chewing. However, if they are munching on fatty or sugary ingredients, then it becomes more detrimental to their health than beneficial. Natural treats are more satisfying to dogs than other treats.

Improved Digestion and Dental Health

Introducing 100% raw, simply dehydrated animal parts to your dog’s diet can have several benefits including improvements in their digestive health and dental health. Healthy, nutritious ingredients, such as high-quality, clean meat that comes from humanely raised animals are a great place to start. The best way to figure out if the treats you’re picking for your pup will be good for them is by checking the ingredients. As a general rule, the fewer ingredients the better!

Improved dental health is one of the main reasons why chewing is so important for a dog. Knowing what chew is best can be overwhelming for some dog owners, but remember that not all chews are created equally. Many of the commercially marketed dental chews contain artificial sweeteners, colors, and/or other harmful chemicals that wear down your dog’s teeth and gums. Consider investing in other methods of dental hygiene to ensure optimal teeth and gum health like hide rolls or beef ears that are tough enough to scrape the tartar off!

Longevity and Quality of Life

As a loving pet parent, your responsibility is to ensure that your dog lives a long and happy life. The food they consume affects how they look, feel, and behave, so it is a crucial aspect of their life to monitor. Natural treats and chews will give them a healthy and shiny fur coat, enough energy to play all day, a balanced weight, and the strength to live a long, happy life. If you’re looking for a way to immediately improve your pup’s quality of life, switching them over to natural alternatives is a great way to start.


Your pup deserves the best. Choosing healthy, organic dog treats improves their overall well-being, makes them healthier, and improves their mood and demeanor. Make the switch and see just much of a difference it makes in your dog’s life!

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