Our Offering: Bagged, Bulk, and Rawhides

Our Offering: Bagged, Bulk, and Rawhides

Our Bagged Products

We make products that appeal to your dog’s natural instincts. All of our treats are handmade and come from high quality, 100% farm-fresh ingredients directly sourced from our farm partners. We offer a variety of bags from different species, including beef, chicken, duck, turkey, goose, and pork.

With 4 different bag lines, you get multiple ways to create a happy dog!


Beef Liver


Nutrient-dense superfood with high value to keep dogs super focused

Turkey Treats


Muscle meat mixed with organs, ground and scored for a soft, breakable treat

Chicken Jerky


Human grade, hand-cut muscle meat, dehydrated to make a great crunchy snack

Duck Gizzards


Dehydrated whole to provide a tougher, chewier treat

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Our Bulk Products

Not all chews are created the same. Chews that are free from antibiotics, hormones, chemicals, and pesticides allow your pup to digest and absorb nothing but the good stuff. Each chew is uniquely nutritious and carries different levels of vitamins and minerals.We offer a variety of chews from different species including beef, chicken, duck, guinea fowl, lamb, pork, and turkey. Visit out our Bulk Collection to view our full offering, along with nutritional breakdowns on each chew!


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Our Rawhide Products

Our Rawhides are unique.

Many commercially produced rawhide chews are a by-product of the leather industry. After the hide has been split, the remaining portion of the hide is then bleached or baked. This process strips the hide of its natural state, making it unrecognizable to the dog’s body and hard to digest. Our all-natural Rawhides are sourced from our farm partner, White Oak Pastures, and are made from 100% pasture-raised beef. They are hand-cut, sun-dried, and long-lasting. Because they are completely natural, your dog’s body is able to recognize and fully digest it. Giving your dog a safe, all- natural rawhide to chew on each day will do wonders for their state of mind and physical well-being.


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Chewing: The Good Habit

Chewing is one of the most instinctual and beneficial activities for a dog. With just 30 minutes of daily chewing, endorphins are released in a dog’s brain, allowing them to feel relaxed and accomplished. Not only is it great physical exercise, it is excellent mental exercise as well. Chewing is also great for cleaning teeth and gums, which can reduce bad breath and improve overall health.


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