Two New Indiana Farm Partners!

Two New Indiana Farm Partners!

We are excited to announce TWO regenerative agriculture family farms that are joining us as official Farm Partners!

These incredible farms are Indiana neighbors (about an hour away from each other) and we couldn't be more impressed with the animal welfare standards they adhere to and the quality of products they produce!

Let's meet our NEW farm partners:

Seven Sons Farms |  Roanoke, IN

In the late 1990s, Seven Sons embarked on a journey to build a regenerative pasture-based farm based on transparency with an open door to the public.

Because of the overwhelming support from their local community, they now partner with a fellowship of like-minded farmers to help serve thousands of families with nutrient-dense and ethically raised foods.

Their goal is to provide the peace of mind that comes from having a direct relationship with a farmer you can know and trust.

We are excited to source Beef, Chicken, Lamb, and Pork products from Seven Sons Farms!

To learn more about Seven Sons Farms, visit their website.


Gunthorp Farms  | LaGrange, IN

Since 1998, Gunthorp Farms has specialized in pasture raised products that are a favorite among some of the best chefs in the Midwest.

They have an on-site USDA-inspected processing plant where they harvest, process, and package everything before delivering to restaurants, retailers, and customers like you!

We are excited to source Chicken, Duck, Turkey, and Pork products from Gunthorp Farms!

To learn more about Gunthorp Farms, visit their website.

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