For Farm Hounds, Every Day is Earth Day!

For Farm Hounds, Every Day is Earth Day!

Your pup is saving the planet, so feel free to spoil them with extra treats today!

Your Farm Hounds treats and chews are directly connected to Earth Day!

Our Farm Partners are on the front line of using agriculture to benefit the environment.

By using animals to instinctively work the land, they are able to:

  • Bring life back to dead soil
  • Build soil which grows healthy grasses
  • Healthy grass pulls carbon out of the air

Isn't that cool? Check out this soil study conducted at White Oak Pastures proving that Regenerative Agriculture is pulling more carbon from the air that they emit!

 Does ecological health depend on animal impact?

About a month into the growing season and the only reasonable vegetation in this pasture is what they ran their chickens over LAST year. We don’t need better land; we need better management of our lands, and the rest follows.

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