Farm Hounds Trick Cards

Farm Hounds Trick Cards
Every month we will launch a new trick card for you to test out! Meet Bruce who is helping us kick this off. Take a bow, Bruce!


Show your pack performing each trick by tagging us on social media. At the end of each month we will SHARE OUR FAVORITES and AWARD PRIZES!

And if you collect all 12, you'll get a SUPER PRIZE!
We will release more info on this at a later date! So stay tuned!

  1. Place an order each month.
  2. Get a new trick card!
  3. Record your dog(s) performing the trick (show us the card)!
  4. Post/Tag us on social media!
Trick too easy? Be creative!
Trick too hard? Do your best!
Our goal is for us to bond as a community and have some fun!

Make sure you follow us on social media:
Instagram: @farmhoundstreats
Facebook: @farmhoundstreats
Twitter: @farmhounds

We are excited to see what you can come up with!
Dog artwork created by Hallie Bateman and Jack Sjogren!

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