Farm Hounds Gizzard Sticks!

Farm Hounds Gizzard Sticks!

All new and pup-approved!

Now you can offer your pooch all the delicious, healthy benefits of gizzards in a fun, new form! These crunchy sticks are pup approved and becoming a fast favorite! While still maintaining their high quality standards and passion for single ingredient treats, we have has turned our poultry gizzards into a unique, snackable form!

Gizzard Sticks

We gave a sample to our friend Karena, and here is what she had to say:

“The new gizzard sticks from Farm Hounds are becoming a fast favorite at my house! Having six dogs of various breeds and sizes, sends me on a constant search mission for a treat that I can use with ALL my dogs! My girls, all the way from Poodle to Husky, are gobbling up these crunchy sticks. I like to easily break them for my smaller fur-kids, while leaving them whole for the larger ones. To top it off, the gizzard sticks are also a healthy snack for my pack since they are high in vitamins, minerals, and glucosamine!”


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