Just Bulk Box

Never run out of chews again! Give your pup the best chews and save big with our Just Bulk Box!

Safety First:
Some of the chews you receive will require close supervision due to containing bone. Swallowing bone, regardless of size, is a behavior that needs to be monitored.

If these products splinters or develops sharp edges, throw them away immediately for your pet’s safety. To prevent injury and choking hazards, please watch your pet while they enjoy these chews and be sure to give the appropriate size/amount.

Each Just Bulk Box comes with 8 individual chews chosen from our Bulk Collection. The mixture will be a random assortment of light to medium chews based on each month's current availability. We do not include power chews (turkey wings and hog feet) due to the fact they are not appropriate chews for all dogs.

    • Frequency starts at 30 days and can be changed or canceled at any time.
    • Chicken Free options available on some boxes for an additional cost.
    • Bulk selection will change on the 1st of every month and bags are selected based on available inventory.
    • Spend $50+ or more qualify for FREE SHIPPING.
    • Additional products can be added individually to any subscription.
    • Because subscriptions are already discounted, certain discount codes cannot be applied.
    • Gift Cards not available as a payment option.
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