Duck Gizzard

White Oak Pastures

  • These dehydrated chews come from 100% pasture-raised duck. Duck gizzards are a great healthy high reward treat for the active dog with nearly 1000% of the recommended intake of Vitamins A and Iron in just 4 grams of gizzard! Iron is found in red blood cells and is vital in the transport oxygen through the body. Some of it can be lost during extended amounts of strenuous activity. Duck gizzards can help pets recover faster after playing all day!

    Duck gizzards are a great chew for all size dogs looking for a hearty chew they can really focus on!

    Always hormone-free and humanely raised.

    1. No antibiotics
    2. No chemicals
    3. No pesticides

    Ingredients: Duck gizzard

    Sourcing: one of our incredible Farm Partners

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