Why small farms?

Created with care

We source all of our farm-fresh products raw, directly from our farm partners. We take great care in creating the best product possible, not only to maximize the nutrition during dehydration, but to honor the hard work of the farmers who humanely raised their livestock. We stand behind our treats with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed promise: We will always make the situation right.

Farming with integrity

It all starts with how a farm operates. Our farm partners provide their livestock with a natural environment where they spend their days grazing over open acres of land and eating their natural, organic diet. Animals that have access to their instinctual drives — moving in herds, digging through earth, choosing what to eat — are happier and healthy for their entire lifetime. By sourcing from these farms, we give our customers access to a healthier, higher quality treat.

Value worth supporting

Small farmers have chosen a path of passion and love of animals and the earth, and it is no easy path. We join those farmers by choosing a path that is more challenging than most manufacturers. “Made in USA” or even “made in GA” is not good enough for us. Each bag we make shows the farm where the product originated. We believe there is value in our customers having that level of knowledge and confidence in what they are feeding their best friend.