Farm Partner Bios


Polyface Farm is a farm located in rural Swoope, Virginia, run by Joel Salatin and his family. The farm is driven using unconventional methods with the goal of emotionally, economically and environmentally enhancing agriculture. They observe animals' activities in nature and emulate those conditions as closely as possible. Using nature as a pattern, they and their children began the healing and innovation that now supports three generations of farmers.

To learn more about Polyface, visit their website.

JOYCE FARMS, Winston-Salem, NC

Joyce Farms is a family-owned company founded in 1962. By partnering with small family farms, they bring high-quality chicken from high-quality farms. Their farm partners meet their high standards of humane treatment of their birds, raised with no pesticides, hormones, growth stimulants or antibiotics.

While originally specializing in chickens, they have expanded to other species, including bison!

To learn more about our partnership with Joyce Farms, download this PDF.


Greener Pastures Farm is a family-owned farm in southern Louisiana. Their top priority on the farm is respect— respect for the animals, respect for the earth and respect for the community. Everything they do on the farm takes two things into consideration: 1) How is this going to impact the health of the animals and 2) How is this going to impact the environment. They create an environment that allows for their animals to be healthy in their natural habitat. 

They are committed to 100% transparency through all of their farming practices. To learn more about Greener Pastures, visit their website.


White Oak Pastures,our first farm partner, is a truly exceptional family farm.Five generations of the Harris family have worked day in and day out raising cattle. Today, they raise 10 species of livestock. 

They are Certified Humane, their land is Certified Organic, and they have their own on-site abattoirs. They are recognized by the Global Animal Project with the highest achievable ratings. They are a zero-waste farm. We could go on and on!

To learn more about our partnership with White Oak Pastures, download this PDF.