New! Lamb Hide Roll w/ Hair

Act fast! This limited batch of Lamb Hide Rolls won't last long!

These Lamb Hide rolls come from 100% grass-fed, pasture-raised lamb. They are sun-dried, hand-rolled, and sourced from White Oak Pastures in Bluffton GA.

Lamb Hide is fully digestible, cleans teeth and gums, and is a great soft to medium chew for puppies and dogs who need something a little easier to work on. Plus, with the hair on, you'll see so much more excitement!

Know the farm. Trust the product.
These chews are sourced from the best. Pastured, grass-fed, and free of hormones, antibiotics, chemicals, and preservatives. And, if you ever drive near Bluffton Georgia, swing by and say hello or visit their General Store!

Can dogs eat hair?
As humans, it throws us off, but your pup is a carnivore; it doesn't slow them down, it actually excites them! A dog's nose doesn't miss much, and having hair left on a chew gives them more smells to work with! Additionally, it feeds their canine drives by allowing them to "de-fluff" and pick at the chew before gnawing it down!

Chewing recommendations:
Supervise your pup when giving a chew, especially when its a new chew. And always provide plenty of fresh water!