Beef Hide Chips w/ Hair

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*Price listed is per single item and hair color can vary based on which cow it comes from.

Welcome to a REAL chew (with hair)!

Transparently sourced from 100% pasture-raised, grass-fed cattle, these naturally dried hides are the complete hide. They are NOT stripped, processed with toxic chemicals, or dyed like many industrially made rawhides.

Product Description

The BIG Difference: Industrial rawhide, with the use of toxic chemicals, only uses a portion of the hide after the top portion has been removed for tanning. This allows dogs to chew and consume industrial rawhide too quickly, opening the door to blockages and choking concerns.

Mentally stimulating: Our Beef Hide Chips are less durable than the Beef Hide Rolls, but they do require more mental energy to chew due to their odd shape! These long-lasting chews provide a healthy chewing option for even the most aggressive of chewers!

Natural Biome: These hides come from cows that spend their entire life pastured. Although each hide is washed before dehydration, seeing elements of grass, dirt, and other natural debris is common. Products with hair also retain some of their natural animal scent (which dogs love), so you can expect a cow hide to smell somewhat like a cow!

Can Dogs Eat Hair?Yes! Hair is actually very beneficial to the digestive tract (think of it like a pipe cleaner). It also delivers good levels of fiber and manganese! As humans, it throws us off, but your pup is a carnivore; it doesn't slow them down, it actually excites them! A dog's nose doesn't miss much, and having hair left on a chew gives them more smells to work with! Additionally, it feeds their canine drives by allowing them to "de-fluff" and pick at the chew before gnawing it down!

Made in the USA: We are proud to work with American family farms committed to raising animals in the best way possible. To learn more about Regenerative Agriculture, click here.

Ingredients and Sizing

Ingredients: 100% Beef Hide
Sizing: Select size (Note: the 6x6 chip has been discontinued to help create more inventory for the larger chips.)

Chewing Benefits

Chewing is one of the best mental and physical activities a dog can participate in!

Want to save your dog from dental disease, horrible breath, and teeth cleaning bills? Then give your dog a chew for around 10 minutes every day!

Similar to humans, canine dental issues can impact the overall health of your pet! Not only is gnawing and chewing a great mental and physical exercise, but it cleans teeth and strengthens gums! Daily chewing is just like brushing teeth for humans!

Limit supervised chewing to 15-20 minutes per session. (For softer chews, such as lamb or goat, limit to 10-15 minutes per session.) Most dogs feel fully satisfied (endorphins get released in the brain) after short sessions of back-of-the-jaw gnawing. After chewing, store the hide out of sight and give again when you need the pup to have some down time!

Sourcing and Availability

Everything we make is connected to family farms. When you purchase from Farm Hounds, you will always know the exact farm we worked with to make that product.

We maintain the connection to the farm through the entire process by placing the farm name on every product.

We choose to source from working farms which means animals may not mature on our timetable. At times, this means we do not have access to the products we want or need. However, we continue to identify small, true working farms that we can partner with to help minimize any shortages.


Although we see most dogs take to the hides right away, sometimes they just don’t know how to get started.

There are a couple things you can do to try and get them going, and once they start, they typically go back to it without any assistance.

Option 1: A Little Something
Put a little coconut oil or peanut butter on an edge. This will get them licking, which should turn into heavy duty chewing!

Option 2: Hide Some Treats
Take some treats (like our beef organ!) and place 1-2 pieces inside the roll. This gives the pup a “target” zone and they will instinctively know where to start working to try and access the treat. Once started, they should just end up enjoying the chewing!

Option 3: Soak An Edge
Soak one side in about 1/4in of water. This will soften up an edge, making it a more appealing chew, and gives the dog an easier starting point.

Option 4: Play
Use the hide as a toy with games like fetch, keep-away, and tug-of-war. The goal is to get their mouth making contact with the hide as much as possible, which will turn into chewing as they get familiar with the hide.

Safety and Storage

All chewing should be supervised, especially when your dog is trying something for the first time. When giving chews that have dehydrated bone, you want to make sure the dog has the jaw strength and patience to chew/crush the bones before consuming. If a sharp edge or inappropriate chewing behavior is ever discovered, we recommend removing the chew for safety reasons.

Keep in a cool/dry place. Our dehydrated products are free of preservatives and pesticides, and although it is very uncommon, bugs and mold (from added moisture) are your two culprits for causing trouble.

For chews and hides, especially after a chewing session, avoid sealing them in plastic or containers that can trap moisture. Allow the chew to air out and store in a cool/dry place.

For longer storage, the freezer can be a great way to keep our products fresh, and away from bugs and pest that might show interest.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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3 reviews
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    1 month ago
    Long lasting

    Our 4yo ate this like a can opener and turned it into a circle, thankfully no choking but very odd way of eating it in a circle, chewing and swallowing a ribbon, but she was euphoric. The 11yo licked and tried to strip it and then chewed and ate it normally. Set a 20min timer and then put it in the refrigerator. Our dogs have never been so keen or so much dopamine and satisfaction after a chew, and ZERO issues with digestion, other chews have been vomited and other problems. So thankful to have found Farm Hounds, Will order again!

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    Rachel F.
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    Usage Daily Chew, Teeth Cleaning, Busy Time, Weekly Chew
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    2 months ago
    Lenny’s favorite thing in the whole world

    Thrilled with how much he loves it and how long it lasts. Functions as tug toy, fetch, chew, lollipop, find it game, and all-around constant companion. If Lenny had a blankie, it would be this.

  • TR
    T. R.
    Flag of United States
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    1 year ago
    Finally, a heavy chew just right for our Frenchie

    We've been looking for the right heavy chew for our frenchie for awhile. The beef hide rolls are too much for him and everything else is just a snack. I gave these a try on a whim. He loves them! The perfect challenge for his jaw strength and the perfect shape to prevent gulping. He had to really work at it to make a dent. Highly recommend for anyone that finds the rolls to be too much but everything else to not be enough :)

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