Joyce Farms: Welcome Back to Flavor®

Joyce Farms: Welcome Back to Flavor®

The best-tasting poultry, beef, pork and game in the world, raised with care on small family farms

Banding Together — Small Farm Philosophy

Started in 1962, Joyce Farms is still a family-owned business. Their heritage lies in the small, traditional family farm. They believe small farmers, with their deep caring and passion for the animals, are the best at raising them, often using age-old artisan methods passed down through generations. They partner with small farmers, many of whom have been marginalized by big-industry meat producers, and they are proud to say they’ve helped them to grow and thrive once more.

Better Animals, Better Lives, Better Taste

Modern agricultural methods focus on yield, not quality. As a result, we have seen a widespread loss of natural flavor in food. Most people today rely on spices, sauces and complicated preparation methods for a flavorful eating experience. But this wasn’t always so. Before mass production methods and genetic modification, animals were raised humanely and naturally, without antibiotics or growth stimulants. They were able to live a natural life and raised with care and respect. And believe it or not, happy and healthy animals result in tastier animals.

Heritage Breed — Old World Breeding And Flavor

Joyce Farms realized that Americans were missing out on a rich array of culinary class poultry. In their search through Europe they discovered slow-growing heritage breeds. By bringing these breeds home, they revived traditional raising methods and now produce specialty poultry and game that impresses even the most discerning chefs with its quality and flavor.

Nothing Added — Ever

The farms that raise Joyce Farms animals must abide by one guiding imperative: that there is nothing added EVER. Quite simply, that means: no pesticides EVER, no animal by-products EVER, no hormones EVER, no growth stimulants EVER, and no antibiotics EVER. This commitment is what allows them to produce meats the way they were meant to taste.

Why Heritage Breed?

  • Heritage Genetics
    Strong DNA leads to healthier, more active animals.
  • Culinary Excellence
    Deliciously rich flavor, leading to superior taste, and better meat texture.
  • Artisanal Processing
    Everything done by hand, and slower line speed allows a much closer inspection than in industrial plants.
  • Pasture Raised
    With strict animal welfare standards, they create a low-stress environment that allows the animals to be raised the natural way.

Joyce Farms Heritage Breeds